White Wedding Theme - Marriage White Planner

White Wedding Theme - Marriage White Planner

The Ritz Banquet Marriage Hall Karachi recently setup White Wedding Theme concept in the The Ritz Banquet.

All setup was white theme, chairs cover by white beautiful cloth. Table cover looks really awesome.

Stage decorated with white flowers and white theme.

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Income Tax on Every Function On Marriages Hall

Income Tax on Every Function On Marriages Hall
5% withholding tax,
20000 tax on every function.Besides other taxes, fee, bhattas etc on business.Please follow china model and encourage, patronize and support economic activities rather discouraging.Legislators needs to be legislated first.Message to our beloved Imran Khan BHAI

The Ritz Banquet Marriage Hall New Mehndi Setup

The Ritz Banquet Marriage Hall Gulistan-e-Johar has new and wonderful mehndi setup. Its really look awsome. Every one wants this setup on her wedding ceremony.The images are shows very beautiful ceremony of mehndi

Say No Food Waste - Short Film

Say No To Food Waste -Pakistan - Short Film

This is not a documentary or a short film.
This is something that every human who has a heart, should Think!!

Prepared by

Moshin Ali
Syed Roem Hussain Shah
Shayan Faisal
Omer Usmani
BG Voice: Syed Roem Hussain Shah and Murtaza Ahmed
Edited by: Mxn & Haso photography

This short film made for people waste foods in at home, marriages hall, hotels, restaurant without thinks about how we did. Poor people need foods but they are not able to eat.

Watch this video. And comment about your views..
Thank you

The Ritz Banquet Karachi New Pictures December 2017

The Ritz Banquet Karachi New Pictures December 2017. Recently The Ritz Banquet Karachi changes their decoration and gives new views and gives attraction to the guests makes happy views. The Ritz Banquet Karachi is the full and central air conditioner, best management and services, very good environment and neat and  clean.